Visitors to your website are looking to solve a problem. Providing operator assistance during that visit dramatically increases the chances of converting that visitor into a client.

Live Chat:

  • Operator assistance on your site
  • Powerful conversion tool
  • Copies of all conversations provided

Our Live Chat functionality is designed to move a prospect from a browser to engaged by securing the prospect’s name, email and/or phone number, location and service needed during the chat process.

There are residual benefits to live chat as well. Search engine algorithms analyze the average time prospects stay on a site. Longer visits suggest better content and consequently a greater consumer experience. Sites that have longer average visit times are given preferential treatment on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Live Chat engages the visitor, thereby lengthening the term of the visit. As soon as the prospect’s contact information is collected, the lead is sent directly to you as an email and/or text with a summary of the conversation.