Search engine optimization, or SEO, is currently one of the most popular online marketing techniques. Many companies use it to increase the visibility of their site and their online presence. But SEO can offer more than that. Here is why SEO is one of the most important tools today:

  1. SEO helps you build trust and credibility for your brand

SEO helps a company achieve higher brand credibility in two ways. First, a website that ranks high on a search engine is automatically more credible than one that is nowhere to be found. The mere fact that a company is able to do this is proof that it is reliable and well-established. The second way in which SEO helps build credibility and trust is through the mechanisms of the practice itself. SEO has certain guidelines which encourage healthy practices for a brand. From quality backlinks, to navigable website structure and useful content—all these elements help improve the positive image of a brand.

  1. SEO allows you to target customers geographically

Local markets are extremely important for small and medium-sized businesses, which is why SEO can be used to target clients based on their geographic location. Big businesses benefit from this capability as well, as they extend to new markets. This is achieved by localizing backlinks, citations, and keywords, and by listing the business in relevant local directories. For example, if you localize your search engine optimization in Chicago, you will benefit greatly from publishing content related to the area, backlinks from established Chicago businesses and websites, and business listings and reviews in the area.

  1. By implementing SEO best practices, companies improve their website’s UX

Several of the ranking factors used by many search engines have a direct impact on the website’s user experience. In fact, Google has algorithms specifically designed to detect if a website offers a positive UX. Factors such as page load time, intuitive website structure, and relevant website content all play an important part in determining your website’s rank.

  1. Organic search is one of the biggest sources of traffic on the internet

SEO can deliver tremendous results when it comes to the amount of traffic that is directed to your website. However, the distribution of this traffic is very lopsided, with the results on the first page receiving almost all of the traffic, and with the top results on the first page in particular receiving the vast majority of clicks. This means that if you decide to invest in search engine optimization, your goal should be to earn the top spot on most relevant terms that you target. Each company, however, will have its own little niche based on the targeted market, current competitors, geographic location, and the stage of the sales funnel which is being targeted. In other words, even a small budget can deliver significant results with the right strategy.

  1. Chicago SEO increases the depth and complexity of your brand

The word ‘organic’ is very suitable when describing SEO, because unlike other marketing techniques and avenues, SEO resembles gardening more than a military strategy or a construction project. This means that while you can anticipate some of the results, there is an element of continuous discovery, open-endedness, and communication with the market. Unexpected interactions with different segments of users will help you better understand the depth of your brand and the product/service opportunities available to you within the market. This is often a hidden element of SEO, but one that can be fully harnessed if you open the right communication channels between you and your website visitors.

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