As the world of information gets faster and faster, customer support services have to keep up. We have phone service, email, self-support services, and many others, but live chat is currently the customers’ preferred choice. The reasons are varied, but convenience, direct contact with a representative. and speed all play a part. However, the quality of the experience is greatly impacted by the live chat agents themselves, so hiring the best people for the job is very important. Here are the skills that make for a great live chat agent:

Writing Skills

A good live chat agent is adept at communicating through writing, since live chat revolves around written communication. Both tone and grammar are important, with a clear, friendly style being ideal. If the agent has poor grammar and incoherent sentence structure, the customer satisfaction will likely go down, and users may switch to a different channel or abandon a purchase entirely. With proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, however, the live chat agent is able to establish trust and increase the credibility of your business in the eyes of the customer.

Data Entry

Essentially every customer service interaction revolves around the collection of data, which can then be analyzed and used to improve product development, marketing, sales, and customer support initiatives. Some of this data will be recorded automatically, but given the nature of live chat support, some of the data will be transmitted during the conversation. This data may need to be recorded by the agent. The data has to be entered correctly into the database, otherwise the conclusions drawn from it may be inaccurate.


Short waiting times are a key component of a positive live chat experience, which is why the ideal agent should be able to navigate the software and its procedures with ease. Much of this skill is learned on the job, but the candidate for the position should be able to showcase a proclivity for efficient use of the software. This can include navigating key resources, discovering and setting up shortcuts, and achieving shorter response times over the on-boarding period.


Solid multi-tasking abilities are beneficial to both customer service and the overall productivity of the company. This is especially true if you have a large sales volume, since your live agents will have to respond to several customers at the same time. This is also partly a learned skill, but if the agent can showcase fairly strong multi-tasking skills during a trial period or the on-boarding process, you are much more likely to raise your customer satisfaction rating.

Customer Service

To tie it all together, the live chat agent must be able to provide a good customer experience. While this skill may seem vague, or a somewhat insignificant talent, it is actually based on several learned behaviors. Establishing rapport, being polite, being attentive to the conversation, and exchanging messages back and forth are some of these behaviors. Although they may seem banal, reports show that back-and-forth conversations tend to feel more engaging to the customer.

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