Getting customer service right can be hard, especially when you are using a call center. To make matters worse, many customers find calling a business to be frustrating. If they are not already frustrated from having to deal with a product or service issue, they may become frustrated along the way due to long waiting times, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or the phone transfer process. This can be a serious issue if you are concerned with customer satisfaction and retention. Luckily, there is a solution — live chat. The following are some insights from a Naperville area live chat company.

Live chat helps improve efficiency

IVR was a groundbreaking technology in the 1980s because it allowed companies to modernize and automate the way they handled customer queries. Live chat is a similar technology today, except it gives companies much more control over how they segment and categorize each customer query request. This removes much of the responsibility that is placed on customers when they are using IVR. With an online presence combined with live chat capabilities, you are able to identify customers based on how they reached your websites; and, with the use of cookies, it’s possible to know if the customer has purchased a product recently, a while back, or if they’re about to make a purchase. On top of that, customers can pick their issue from a list of common problems, or they can type out their questions before they reach the live chat agent. This shortens queues and helps provide much faster support through FAQ pages and automated responses. If the issue cannot be resolved through these methods, or by the live chat agent, the customer can then be redirected to your call center.

Live chat shortens waiting times on calls

One of the main reasons that customers feel frustrated with call centers is the long waiting time. If your call center has a large call volume, it will likely struggle to keep up. With live chat implemented, however, many of the customers who have a small question or minor issue will naturally gravitate towards this feature. This helps relieve your phone operators. On top of that, live chat is able to handle more requests at a lower price. Since the Naperville live chat agents do not have to actually speak to a customer, they are able to hold 3 to 5 conversations at once. This makes Naperville live chat agents more cost effective, and better at handling excess customer volume that would otherwise have to wait for a lengthy period of time.

Combining Naperville live chat and the call center

Across numerous industries, customer service is becoming faster and more convenient, with customer experience being key within these sectors. This is why it’s so important to address any issues you may face within your call center. Live chat is one of the easiest to implement and most cost-effective solutions to problems such as long waiting times, and outdated calling technology. Nowadays, most customers will start looking online for answers to their questions, so building customer service channels on your website is the best way to ease tensions within your phone system. Whether your customers face small or moderate issues, a live chat agent will be able to help them out easily and at a large volume. This will leave your call center open for clients that face serious issues requiring much more precise care and advice.

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