SEO is often mysterious. Sure, many of us know about the best practices, the keywords, and the link building, but there is often one overlooked aspect of optimization — SEO becomes more effective as time goes on. This effect can be great news for many Rockford companies and marketing departments, as the effects of SEO start to show more prominently as you gain traction in the rankings. But why is this the case? Let’s find out.

1. Crawlability

Link building is a pillar of any successful SEO effort, and it not only raises your ranking on search engines, but it also makes you more competitive for high value keywords. As you build up your link equity, Google will start to crawl more pages on your website. The dynamic here is based on a page’s authority, and it’s meant to save up computing power for Google. For example, you have websites such as eBay or Amazon that have hundreds of thousands of pages. However, eBay and Amazon are well established online markets, and Google will crawl and index them in their entirety. If, however you own a new ecommerce store, or a company website with a blog that has dozens, or even hundreds of pages, you will need to build link equity in order to encourage Google to crawl your website fully.

2. Index Speed

Once Google recognizes your website as having high Domain Authority, it will start crawling your pages faster. This means that if you update or add a page to your site when you have high Domain Authority, Google will update it much faster in their search results. However, new websites, or websites that have not yet undergone the link building process, can still have Google update page essentials (such as meta descriptions and title tags) by using the Submit URL tool.

3. Stronger Links

With Domain Authority, you also get a big advantage — your own links weigh more. This means that, whenever you link internally to your own pages, the pages benefit from a higher link equity, which builds on your ranking at a faster pace. For example, a big component of SEO is blog content, with regular articles being published on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. If you use this as an opportunity to link internally, you can increase your ranking exponentially.

4. Protection from Bad Links

Google will actively de-rank any site that has inbound spam links, which puts you at risk for penalization without any input on your part. But if you have numerous links coming into your website, mostly from reputable sources, a small number of bad links generally will not derail your ranking. Over time, as you build your online presence, your Domain Authority will protect you from such hazards.

5. Over-optimization Occurs Less

Over-optimization refers to practices such as keyword stuffing, which are designed to propel your website to the top of the rankings faster. This is against Google’s interests, where they have a stated preference of promoting quality content. To deal with this issue in the past, Google imposed penalties for over-optimization. Currently, these penalties are lighter than they used to be, but they may still affect smaller sites that target several keywords and use internal linking often. Luckily, as your website increases in authority, it also increases the variety of keywords and links being used across its content, making over-optimization much less likely to occur.

Making the Most Out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Rockford

SEO (search engine optimization) can be a long-term investment, but once it gets rolling, it can generate revenue on a regular basis, with progress building on progress. If you would like to take advantage of SEO in Rockford, contact us today.