Having live chat functionality on a website significantly increases the odds of users spending more time on the site and performing an action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. The question is, how do you implement live chat functionality on your website in a way that’s cost-effective and delivers results?

Still not convinced yet?

Let’s take a look at three reasons why you should consider outsourcing live chat.

Dedicated and Specialized Live Chat Agents

What’s worse than not having a live chat functionality on a website? Having live chat, but no one available to answer when a user needs assistance. When this happens, most users will immediately leave the site and go elsewhere.

Outsourcing live chat to experts will help ensure that no user ever goes unattended, and thus, nobody leaves your site due to a poor experience. A live chat agency has agents available 24×7 to assist users who are looking for help and advice. Most of these agents can even engage with multiple users at the same time!

Cost-Effectiveness and Immediate Results

Employee costs are usually one of the largest expenses for any small to medium-sized business. It’s not only the cost of salaries, but recruiting, training, the office space, the supplies, and the infrastructure needed to support them. A live chat agency works on the management component, enabling the company to remain focused on results driven from chats and define the type of experience they want their users to have via live chat.

The cost of partnering with a live chat specialist should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment. Live chat is something that delivers instant results and can pay for itself in only a few successful chats or just one, depending on the profit margin of the product or service.

Professional Chat Agents are Not Just Customer Service Reps

Although there will be parallels between these, a good customer service representative does not necessarily make a good live chat agent. In most call centers, the software is designed for the agents to do as little typing as possible to reduce average call time. Communication is clearly verbal, so it’s easy to interpret what the caller actually needs and convey a warm, supportive tone.

In live chat, all communication is handled via typing, so it’s important that the agent types fast, and uses proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They should be able to do this while addressing user needs, conveying a polite and supportive tone while keeping things moving quickly.

The Art and Science of Live Chat

A lot of work goes into implementing an effective live chat functionality on a website. The designs of buttons, placements, and proper use of proactive invites are just a few factors. Believe it or not, it is not the same for every business type. You ought to identify the audience you are trying to engage and tweak each element of the chat to reach the largest number of users. A good live chat agency will understand all of those elements, regularly monitor statistics for each business, and fine-tune their approach to deliver the best results.

Implementing Live Chat for Your Website in Joliet, Illinois

Live chat, without a doubt, is a great means to improve customer service, provide lead generation, and improve sales. If you want to outsource your website’s live chat to professionals, get in touch with us today.