As a local business in Oak Brook, it may seem a little daunting for you to keep up with all the demands of SEO. This is where we step in.

At Digital Destination LLC, our team of Chicago online marketing experts can help you keep your SEO strategies up to speed so that you can improve your online visibility and reach more potential customers. One of the key ways in which we stay ahead of it all is by incorporating user experience (UX) into our approach.

So, what does optimizing a site for UX mean, and how can you do it?

Optimizing for UX is simply focusing on what your visitors experience when they come to your website. Think of it as a way to keep your site visitors happy, which will, in turn, keep the search engine bots happy.

The process of optimizing your site for user experience may sound daunting, but it is actually very simple. Here are three tips you can take away and apply to your website to make it more search and user friendly:

Use Short Logical URLs

There are several reasons why logical (and preferably short) URLs are better than extremely long ones with multiple parameters.

A URL that reads logically and conveys meaning is more likely to rank for the keywords in it, more likely to be clicked because users can easily understand what the page they will be taken to is about, and more likely to be linked to.

Now compare it to something that looks more awkward and contains a random sequence of letters, numbers, dashes, and symbols. Would you click or share such a link?

Keyword-Driven Navigation

By understanding the importance of keyword research perfectly well, you can target the right keywords that speak the language of the searchers. But unfortunately, as soon as the visitors get on your website, they may get confused if the layout and language used on the site is not concise and easy to follow.

It is much better to stick with the logic you use when picking the keywords and use the same names for all the navigation. This way, the users will easily be able find what they are looking for.

Customize 404 Error Pages

Whenever your website users get redirected to a non-existent page, they get a “404 Page Not Found” message.

No one likes 404 error pages: your visitors don’t like them, search engine crawlers don’t like them, and we are pretty much sure you don’t like having them on your website too.

So, we recommend checking your site for 404 error pages today and customize every non-existent page you find by adding some navigational links that will take the users to the pages they seek.


These three elementary tips will help you add some points to your website’s user experience and SEO rating. It’s best to try to plan all of your SEO activities with the same approach and watch your traffic and sales grow.

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