Live chat is an excellent addition to your Naperville business’s website because it allows customers to communicate with you in real-time. In addition, many customers feel far more comfortable voicing their complaints via chat than over the phone.

The question is, how should you respond to a customer’s complaint on live chat? This live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Crafting the Perfect Text Response

How you respond to a customer complaint is crucial because it may determine whether they stay with your Naperville business or look elsewhere. Here are some effective ways to deal with a disgruntled customer over live chat:

Never Write Off a Complaint as Illegitimate

Even if the complaint seems to be voiced without merit, it should never be considered illegitimate. Remember: only a tiny percentage of customers go to the trouble of complaining over chat. For every dissatisfied customer you encounter on live chat, there could be fifty others who have similar complaints but have chosen to go about their daily lives instead.

Maintain a Calm Demeanor

Even if the customer is typing furiously, try to be polite and thank them for voicing their complaint. There are two reasons for this:

  • It helps you maintain a professional image for your Naperville business.
  • Customer complaints provide you with direct feedback, allowing you to determine which aspects of your business and/or website need to be improved.

Apologize Sincerely

You should always try to be sincere in your apology. Instead of saying, “We apologize if we caused you any inconvenience,” you should use sentences like, “We apologize for our mistake.” Carefully wording your apology will demonstrate your holistic approach to the customer. A live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois can help you craft an appropriate response.

Suggest a Clear Solution

It’s one thing to apologize and admit that you made a mistake. But is it enough? Not really. You should also demonstrate your willingness to make things right. Be specific about the actions you are prepared to take to satisfy the customer.

What Should You Do if the Customer Is at Fault?

Customers that are in the wrong will also make complaints from time to time. These are tricky to handle because you’ll need to continue supporting and responding to the customer while emotions are already running high.

In an ideal scenario, a live chat agent in Naperville will be able to assist the customer, helping them understand what happened without outright blaming them. Here a few ways to do that:

Show Empathy

Even if they are wrong, making customers feel that they are being treated fairly is essential. Pay close attention to what they say and acknowledge their anger, even if it’s unjustified.

Gather as Much Information as Possible

You should be aware of the specifics of what unfolded so that you can assist your customer. After reading through their complaint in the chat, make a point of repeating what they said in your own words and asking if you got it right.

If Applicable, Mention Appropriate Resources and Guides

Some complaints come from customers who either did not read the materials included with your product/service offerings, or referred to completely irrelevant materials. During your chat, mention any appropriate resources and guides without directly asking if they have read them before.

Ready to Partner with the Top Live Chat Agency in Naperville, Illinois?

Customer complaints will always be a component of your customer service, even if it’s perfect (or as close to perfect as possible). As such, many business owners choose to outsource their customer service efforts to a professional live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois. Our live chat operators can respond to your customer complaints professionally, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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