Some customers prefer to call you, while others prefer to connect via email or social media. However, over the last few years, live chat has consistently been the most popular support channel.

It is easy to integrate live chat functionality on your e-commerce website with a pop-up widget, but delivering consistently exceptional customer service through live chat takes a lot more work. A live chat agency in Schaumburg, Illinois, like Digital Destination, can help you make the most of your e-commerce website’s live chat integration.

In this article, we’re going to explain the value of live chat support by sharing key consumer preferences, support responsiveness, and sales channel statistics to help you build a strong case for partnering with a live chat agency in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Customers Are More Satisfied When They Use Live Chat

London-based customer service software company, Kayako, found that 41% of customers prefer live chat support over any other channel, including phone support (32%), email support (23%), and social media support (3%).

This makes perfect sense — who wants to wait for a response to their query when they can get one right away? Customers can stay in the flow of their task instead of breaking it to pick up the phone and dial a number or write an email and wait for a response.

Customers also report being more satisfied with completed live chat support interactions. In fact, according to the American customer service software company, Zendesk, live chat has the second-highest customer satisfaction ratings at 85%, just behind phone support at 91%.

Furthermore, 51% of customers are more likely to buy again from a website with live chat functionality — that should be reason enough to hire a Schaumburg live chat agency!

Faster Is Not Always Better

In its 2021 Live Chat Benchmark Report, Vancouver-based provider of customer service and communication products, Comm100, determined that the average time between a customer initiating a live chat request and receiving the first operator response is 46 seconds.

46 seconds may sound a lot, but Comm100 found that e-commerce websites with longer wait times also had higher customer satisfaction ratings than those with lower wait times.

What is going on there? Well, websites that take a bit longer to respond are more likely to provide higher-quality responses. A high-quality response delivered in a matter of minutes will always triumph over a hasty, inadequate response. In fact, 95% of customers are willing to wait a little longer for high-quality responses.

Live Chat Can Help You Sell More

The ability to speak with someone immediately when they need to make a decision can greatly assist customers in completing a task or transaction.

According to Forrester 2018 Customer Service Trends, 69% of customers in the U.S. prefer retailers that provide consistent customer service both online and in person. A 2015 Customer Lifecycle Survey by the same research and advisory company showed 53% of customers are likely to abandon online transactions if they cannot find fast responses to their queries.

Even 79% of businesses say that integrating live chat functionality on their website has increased sales, income, and customer loyalty — so when are you doing the same for your e-commerce website?

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