Keeping track of the holidays throughout the year can be tricky and time-consuming if you own, run, or promote a business in Schaumburg, Illinois. Do you have a plan in place to update your business’s holiday hours?

While some customers continue to rely on word of mouth or physically displayed hours, an increasing number of customers are turning to their smartphones to stay informed. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your customers know when you are open — and making sure your business hours are accurate and up to date on the Internet is one way to do that.

How can you find time to manage your business, juggle your holiday commitments, and keep your business information updated on the Internet? This can be done by partnering with the right listings management agency in Schaumburg, Illinois. An expert listings management agency, like Digital Destination, can help you keep your business’s name, address, phone number, and hours of operation updated across hundreds of search engines, directory websites, and social media outlets.

Understanding SEO: How Customers Find Your Business

Organic traffic (or traffic you do not have to pay for) is determined by how well your website is optimized to align with Google’s search algorithm and ranking system.

Your website will not find a spot in search results if Google does not believe it is user friendly, accurate, and a reliable source of information that is relevant to the users’ search queries. Bad rankings in Google search results translate to fewer website visitors and poor SEO. Inaccurate and/or inconsistent NAP can further detract from your SEO value.

Business Listing Management and SEO

Minor discrepancies — such as abbreviations in addresses — can make your Schaumburg business look unreliable to a search engine algorithm. Hours of operation and days open are also common data discrepancies.

Take a look at the following addresses, for example:

North-110 Hilltop Drive

N/110 Hilltop Drive

North-110 Hilltop Dr.

These addresses may look the same to a human reader — we can infer from the second address that N stands for North, and Dr. stands for Drive. However, this information is interpreted differently by search engines like Google.

Minor differences, like abbreviating the word “drive,” can cause your business data to look inconsistent and unreliable to the search engine—and that is not good for your SEO value.

This information also applies to your business hours.

Even if your website states that your Schaumburg store is closed on Christmas Eve, Google may not update the business hours that customers see while searching for it online. Therefore, you should update and double-check your business hours on Google, Yelp, and Facebook — pretty much anywhere your customers can find you online.

How Much Does Listing Management Cost?

The price of listing management services in Schaumburg is often based on the number of stores you have in different locations. Expect the cost of the service to jump as the number of stores you need to manage grows.

In addition, look into the number of listings featured in the service and how often they are updated. Time is money — so how much time do you waste updating hours when you should be running your business?

Before you start looking for listing management services in Schaumburg, you should first research and document your current business listings. This will help you understand the current state of your business listings, as well as the amount of effort required by the listings management agency to get you started on the service.

Partner with the Premier Listings Management Agency in Schaumburg, Illinois

Are you looking for the most trusted listings management agency in Schaumburg, Illinois? If so, look no farther than Digital Destination. We can manage your business’s entire online presence, ensuring that you have consistent and accurate business information listed across all the top online directory websites. Contact us at (312) 933-6806 or send us an email to learn how our listing management services can help grow your business.