Humans vs. machines — it is a hotly debated topic in many industries today. Who is more productive, empathetic, and dependable in a business setting? The debate becomes even more heated when it comes to Artificial Intelligence emulating human functions that include speech.

The live chat customer support feature on websites has revolutionized the way customers communicate with the businesses they want to buy from. However, the wide range of inquiries through live chat brings with it a more complex process for companies to manage. Below, this live chat agency in Chicago, Illinois is going to discuss everything that business owners should know about live chat in 2021.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Conversations

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used for a long time by those who wish to answer customer queries fast, but with varying degrees of success. Using chatbots to perform simple activities — such as directing website visitors to a specific area of a website or providing contact information — can work well and relieve pressure on customer service or sales personnel.

The complexity of a chatbot’s tasks is mainly dependent on how it is used. It can be used to greet visitors to your website and collect information. Or it can be configured to respond to frequently asked questions or provide links to specific pages of a website based on keywords from their query.

With that said, when your site visitors need specific information, chatbots can confuse, frustrate, and ultimately disappoint them. This is why it’s better to partner with a live chat agency in Chicago so that you can offer a more personalized approach for your customers.

This Is Where the Human Element Can Help

Of course, a business can still leverage live chat functionality on their website without turning to AI chatbots. One alternative is to manage live chat in-house, similar to how you handle email and phone inquiries. This can be a quick and practical approach to review a lead and respond to questions. Another, more efficient option is to hire a live chat agency in Chicago, Illinois and leverage their live chat expertise.

One of the most appealing aspects of live chat to many users is that it is always available. In fact, around 54% of live chats begin outside of regular business hours. While you can disable chat functionality on your website when you are not in the office, this could be a disappointing experience for your visitors.

Using a human and outsourced live chat services in Chicago might be incredibly advantageous in this situation. Human chat operators will answer and manage live chat on your website for you, thereby turning your company into a 24-hour lead machine.

But more importantly, live chat with an operator is conversational — and the personalization of conversations, greetings, and visitor information fosters customer loyalty.

Ready to Partner with the Best Live Chat Agency in Chicago, Illinois?

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