Consumers today want businesses to respond quickly. Amazon has established the benchmark for instantaneous customer support at the touch of a button. Your local business probably does not have the money or resources of a giant like Amazon, but still, your customers want the same quality of service.

This is where live chat comes in. Below, this live chat agency in Arlington Heights, Illinois is going to look at five reasons why live chat can be an excellent addition for your small- or medium-sized business.

1. It allows you to reach out to customers on their terms.

According to Inc. magazine, more than half of all customers favor live chat services over other forms of communication because it helps them do multiple tasks simultaneously. More than 40% prefer it since they can get almost immediate answers to their questions. Furthermore, 92% of customers reported they were satisfied after using online chat.

Working with a reputable live chat agency in Arlington Heights, Illinois and implementing a chat solution on your website allows you to build positive relationships with loyal customers and window shoppers alike.

2. It helps you gain more insight into your customers’ concerns.

Some questions, suggestions, or complaints will come up repeatedly during your online interactions with your customers. Knowing what those questions, recommendations, or complaints are will help guide your website and content strategy.

Let’s say you own a home remodeling business in Arlington Heights. If you receive a lot of queries regarding your quoting process, it may be time to update the wording on your website to make the details of your quoting process more straightforward. Similarly, if you have many people asking about how to tell when it’s time to remodel their home, you’ll know that it could be helpful to write a blog post or make a video on the topic.

3. It keeps your business active 24/7.

Few businesses can answer the phone around the clock. Due to a limited budget and a limited number of employees, many local businesses are unable to provide customers with 24-hour access. However, the fact that no one is operating the phones doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. No matter what time of day it is, your customers expect quick responses. In fact, according to Forrester Research, 53% of customers will quit their buyer journey if they cannot get a prompt answer to their questions.

While FAQs can be helpful in this situation, they cannot always answer highly targeted questions in the same way that a live online interaction can. Live chat services in Arlington Heights are considerably better than AI chatbots, which require the customer to go through a sequence of prompts before receiving a canned response that may or may not relate to their question.

4. It helps you capture leads.

When customers are left unattended on your website, it is all too simple for them to talk themselves out of making a purchase. Think of it as shopping in a store where no salesperson approaches you — it’s a lot simpler for a customer to walk out of a store empty-handed if there is no attempt to make a connection with them.

The same logic holds when it comes to Internet shopping. When someone has the option to interact with a real person, they are far more likely to return to the website — or even make the purchase right there on the spot.

5. It helps you retain your company’s reputation.

When it comes to winning new customers, a solid reputation is key. However, as a business owner, you’re probably aware of how easy it is to receive a bad review online. Many of these reviews stem from a poor customer service experience, such as them being unable to reach someone at your business or receiving no responses to queries, among other things.

Play partnering with a live chat agency in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you can offer customer service before it becomes a crisis, which can help you maintain your company’s image while providing outstanding customer support.

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