Search engine optimization (“SEO”) relies heavily on content marketing. Most business owners are aware of this — and that is why they often publish interesting and engaging content on their website. You spend countless hours building a successful content strategy. However, if you don’t see a surge in interest in your products or services, you will probably wonder if your content marketing strategy is even effective in the first place.

It can be discouraging to see lackluster returns when you invest so much time and effort into content planning, creation, and marketing. But content marketing is not about making instant sales. It is about being the authority in your niche — the first point of contact for users searching for information on a particular topic. And that success is not easy to measure.

Below, this SEO agency in Rockford, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know to evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Does content marketing work?

Yes — content marketing works phenomenally for establishing a solid foundation for your online business. In fact, it is used by more than 90% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers. Furthermore, having a website blog generates 67% more leads for businesses than not having one. So, content marketing is highly effective…it just takes time to work.

How to measure the success of your content strategy

As any reputable SEO agency in Rockford, Illinois will tell you, the metrics you use to assess the performance of your content marketing strategy are key. For example, which of the following key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important to you?

  • Ranking on the first page of search results for your targeted keyword(s)
  • Increasing your website’s organic traffic
  • Improving your blog post engagement
  • Building your social media presence

What does success mean to you?

For most online business owners, the success of content marketing is most often determined by two factors: increased site traffic and more qualified leads.

Increased site traffic means a better likelihood of conversion. However, getting more people to visit your site is only half the battle. On the other hand, leads are visitors who are willing to make a purchase. That is the primary objective.

When creating content, using these two metrics can help you stay focused. Identify themes or keywords that drive the most leads and traffic and incorporate them into your content strategy.

More broadly, your success timeline is also determined by your business model, content plan, industry, and perception of success. Any experienced SEO agency in Rockford, Illinois will warn you not to expect instant results from your content marketing efforts. In fact, most online business owners start to see significant improvements in their online presence within six to nine months.

How can you determine whether your content strategy is effective?

We have already spoken about how vital traffic and leads are for your online business. You can think of traffic as customers in your store and leads as buyers at the checkout counter. They are the two most essential KPIs, especially in content marketing. However, you’ll need to set clear targets to succeed with your content strategy.

Is success defined by every extra dollar you earn? Is it a specific number of visitors or leads? Would you consider your content marketing successful if you get more social media shares? And how does your definition of success change over time? These are all questions that a professional SEO agency in Rockford, Illinois can help you answer.

It is all too easy to move the goalposts along the way. So, begin with clear targets that will allow you to track your progress and adjust your strategy over time. Most importantly, be patient! Content marketing is a lot of work. It requires you to be active, generating high-quality content week after week — but the result is well worth the wait.

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