Imagine a customer at the checkout page of your eCommerce store. They have a pair of sneakers in their shopping cart and are on the verge of clicking “Place Your Order.” However, there is one issue — they are unsure if the sneakers will be the correct size. And if they are not the right size, will they be able to return them for free?

Now imagine if all they had to do was click a “Start Chat” button on the page to speak with an agent and get their concerns relieved instantly. Do you think they will be more willing to complete their purchase and convert now that their questions have been answered?

When implemented by a professional live chat agency in Elgin, Illinois, this real-time support channel can greatly minimize cart abandonment and boost your sales. However, live chat is more than just a helpful tool for enhancing conversion at the end of a customer’s journey on your eCommerce store — it can also assist in funneling customers through different key stages of the journey.

According to nearly half of all online shoppers, one of the essential features of an eCommerce site is having their queries addressed via live chat. Below, we are going to explore some of the ways in which live chat can support the digital customer journey.


A customer in this stage of their journey is exploring your website — as well as the websites of your competitors. As they weigh their options, this is your time to outperform the competition. You must connect with your site visitors, educate them, and encourage them to buy from you.

Partnering with a live chat agency in Elgin, Illinois is the ideal solution for this since it allows your site visitors to get any questions or concerns addressed promptly. However, live chat can do more than that — it also enables your chat operators to respond immediately without losing quality. Live chat features a wide range of tools, such as typing preview and canned responses, to help your chat operators respond faster and keep your Elgin business at the forefront of the customers’ minds.


Integrating live chat on your website also grants you access to a dashboard. Your live chat agency in Elgin, Illinois can view essential visitor data and insights on this dashboard, such as live traffic feed, browsing history, average time spent on page(s), cart insights, etc. Operators can provide more personalized assistance and support geared to a particular visitor’s profile with this information at their fingertips.

Operators can not only respond to chat requests, but they can also reach out to individual customers proactively. Using vital user data, they can reach out to visitors who seem to need an extra push to convert. This can be done manually or automatically. To send a chat invitation manually, the operator needs to monitor the visitor, find them in the dashboard, and send a message. Alternatively, you can automate chat messages depending on various triggers, such as if the visitor has more than $200 in their shopping cart or has spent more than 10 minutes on the checkout page.

These proactive chats can push visitors to engage with an agent or steer them toward completing the purchase. Your live chat operators can also upsell or cross-sell by leveraging the vital user data in the dashboard.

Repeat Purchase

In addition to bringing in new customers, it is critical to retain them and generate repeat purchases. Customers that return repeatedly have the highest Lifetime Value (LTV) of any of your customers and should be considered VIPs.

63% of online customers are more inclined to return to a site that offers live chat support.

While identifying a VIP in a crowd is easy in person, how can your live chat operators spot a VIP when they land on your eCommerce store? As we previously mentioned, you can identify your returning customers by integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) data with the live chat dashboard.

When a customer returns to your site, a tag will display on their profile, letting your live chat agency in Elgin, Illinois know they should treat them like a VIP. A smart live chat platform can also inform operators in real-time of the presence of a returning customer so that they can contact them. Say a returning customer initiates a live conversation. In that case, you can even set up routing and segmentation to ensure they are directed to the right operator and receive the most helpful service that will keep them coming back for more.

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