Do you want to position your Elgin business ahead of the pack in terms of SEO? Are you willing to go any distance to succeed in online marketing? When we read phrases like “ahead of the pack” and “go any distance,” there is often a connotation of bending the rules or gaming the system to succeed. However, that is not the case.

When you partner with the right white hat SEO agency in Elgin, Illinois, you can win today and position your business for future success. But before you partner with an agency, here are some things you should know:

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is often seen as “user-focused” SEO. All white hat SEO services are heavily focused on the best interests of users — instead of bots and search algorithms.

For example, white hat SEO comprises well-written content that offers something of value to its readers. This content uses keywords sparingly — but in such a way that the reader can understand the main marketing message. Furthermore, this type of content is more likely to earn organic backlinks since other websites will want to engage in its quality and authority.

Other white hat SEO services offered by reputable SEO agencies in Elgin, Illinois include ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, loads faster, and is easy to navigate.

How is white hat SEO different from black hat SEO?

White hat SEO is intended to help a person. People want a snappy, intuitive website that can run seamlessly on any device.

But white hat SEO can also be time-consuming. For example, writing engaging content that offers value to readers will certainly take time and hard work. Write enough quality copies, and more organic backlinks will follow as other websites would want to associate with your work.

Now, let’s look at black hat SEO. One of the most common black hat SEO tactics used by inexperienced SEO agencies in Elgin, Illinois is “keyword stuffing.” Keyword stuffing is when the emphasis is placed on using as many keywords as possible to trick the system into believing the content is of high quality — rather than writing quality content. The same is true of backlinks. Instead of methodically building trust and authority, you can “buy backlinks” from another website and hope they help you climb the search ladder faster.

In a nutshell, black hat SEO is meant to be a shortcut around genuine effort, formulating and implementing a plan, and everything else that goes into white hat SEO.

What are the risks of black hat SEO?

There are several problems with black hat SEO. For one, your website visitors are likely to be underwhelmed (at best) with the content, which will reflect poorly on your Elgin business. The same is true for any paid backlinks you buy. However, there is another big problem with black hat SEO — Google does not like it.

Indeed, there are very few (if any) black hat SEO strategies that Google is unaware of today. They are always on the lookout for black hat tactics used by SEO agencies in Elgin, Illinois, and they punish any business that engages in it. And these penalties are harsher than you probably assume. They not only hinder your SEO success now, but they will potentially set you back for a long time.

Looking for an SEO Agency in Elgin, Illinois?

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