At Digital Destination, we recognize the role and value of the Google My Business tool for your Glenview business. Though the Google My Business app has been around since mid-2014, the company stated in November that it would be phased down in favor of a more straightforward business management platform — Google Business Profiles. This is not an uncommon practice for the search engine behemoth. Google has changed the name of this business management platform several times over the course of the past several years — remember Google Places or Google+?

So, what does this mean for Glenview business owners who have only recently been accustomed to using the Google My Business app? This listings management agency in Glenview, Illinois going to explain below.

Google is bringing out new features.

The Google My Business app will be discontinued shortly. However, you will still be able to manage your business profile directly from Google Search or Google Maps. In other words, assuming you are signed into your Google account and are the manager of your business profile, you will be able to edit your profile on the fly directly from the existing web interface — simply type in “my business” in the search bar, and you are good to go.

When your business has multiple locations, however, things work a little differently. But even if this is the case, you will still be able to manage your business profiles using the existing Google My Business website — the same as before. There will be a support hub for businesses with multiple locations on this page, known as the “Business Profile Manager.”

Google has also announced some new features that will be included in the update, which include the following:

  • New verification process: You no longer will have to go through the Google Business Manager to verify your Glenview business profile — you can do so in Google Search or Maps. In the future, some businesses will also benefit from quicker verification methods (such as video verification). If you have questions about the verification process, your local listings management agency in Glenview, Illinois will be happy to discuss.
  • Call history: Using the call history feature, you can track calls from people who have found your Glenview business using Google Search or Google Maps. You can use this feature to respond to missed calls as quickly as possible, ensuring that you do not lose out on a potential customer.
  • Instant messaging: People can now message you in real-time right from your business profile. You also have the option to customize your automated welcome message, share images in the chat, and save your conversation history. Keep in mind that Google requires businesses to respond to messages within 24 hours to provide the best possible customer experience. If that is not a timeframe that you are okay with, most listings management agencies in Glenview, Illinois will suggest that you skip this feature for now.
  • Marketing kit: Also included in the latest update is a new marketing kit, which allows you to create marketing materials (such as posters and social media posts) to promote your Glenview business for free. Once your profile has been verified, you will be granted access to these free resources.

This is not an exhaustive list. Do not hesitate to contact a listings management agency in Glenview, Illinois to understand all the changes announced by Google.

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