Content writing is one discipline in the complex and nuanced world of SEO that many digital agencies have a complicated relationship with. As a leading SEO agency in Palatine, Illinois, we have seen firsthand how content is viewed as both an essential and immaterial aspect of any SEO strategy.

What some digital marketing professionals fail to notice is that high-quality content is one of the main things that can set your SEO strategy apart from your competitors’. Though SEO is all about metrics and competing for online exposure, content is about trust-building and connecting with your customers, ensuring that your increased online exposure is well-utilized.

Despite this, some digital marketers prioritize SEO over content quality and taking an ‘ends justify the means’ approach to SEO content writing. As a result, SEO content is often structured for Google bots rather than the humans who make up the bulk of your site’s overall traffic.

The truth is that anyone who puts bots above humans is not thinking long-term regarding their SEO strategy — and any boost in your rankings is likely to have an expiry date. With Google updates continuously undermining optimization strategies for agencies worldwide, creating consistently high-quality content is the only way to ensure that your SEO stands the test of time.

Structure the titles correctly.

As any knowledgeable SEO agency in Palatine, Illinois will tell you, all SEO content should be led by a relevant and interesting title. You can include your targeted keywords in your titles to ensure that they stay relevant, and make sure you mention these keywords to the first 50 or so characters.

Is your SEO plan focused on long-tail keywords (common phrases or queries users type into search engines)? If so, make sure your titles reflect instructional or educational content, acting as an answer to these specific search queries.

It is worth noting that you should always strive to deliver on the content promised by the title. Otherwise, your domain may lose authority in Google’s eyes.

Create content chunks.

Content that is produced by an SEO agency in Palatine, Illinois should always be easily navigable, which means you should avoid publishing overwhelming walls of text and instead adopt content chunking. It is essentially the method of splitting your text into easily digestible paragraphs or ‘chunks.’

Apart from being a valuable approach for structuring SEO content, chunking has the added benefit of ensuring that your content leaves a lasting impression on its readers. After all, people are more likely to retain textual or quantitative information if it is presented in easily discernible sections.

Fulfill the search intent.

When you work with a professional SEO agency in Palatine, Illinois, your objective is not only to rank high, but to be the top result that the user wants to see. In other words, you do not just want to be the first link people click — you also want to be the last link they click.

Your content should ideally be created to be the only source of information your site visitors will need to fulfill their original search query and any actions (for example, completing a purchase). This is what fulfilling your target audience’s search intent is all about.

That is the great part about creating high-quality on-page content. If your content ranks well and fulfills users’ search intent, you may be able to use this high-ranking web page as a landing page for future SEO campaigns or link-building efforts.

Creating a sizable number of high-quality inbound links initiates a positive feedback cycle in which site visitors arrive from other high-ranking sites to your own, causing Google to see your site as an increasingly trustworthy authority in your industry.

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