Getting quick and clear help is what customers want the most today. Live chat is the best at this, as it offers greater convenience than phone or email. Are you wondering why so many people prefer live chat over other customer support channels? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois is going to explain below.

Live chat is the #1 choice for many.

Kayako, a big name in customer service solutions based in London, recently found out that 41% of consumers love using live chat more than other options. This number vastly overshadows the 32% who like phone support and the 23% and 3% who choose email and social media, respectively.

Why do so many people prefer live chat? Simply put, it’s very convenient. No more waiting on hold forever on a phone call or waiting ages for an email reply. When your partner with a live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois, your visitors will get their answers immediately, making the whole customer experience smoother.

Live chat scores high in customer happiness.

Live chat is pretty much at the top of keeping customers happy — with a fantastic 85% global satisfaction score. It is only slightly behind phone support at 91%.

This score says a lot. It tells you that live chat is highly efficient — it can help you address customer issues quickly and solve them on the spot. Live chat functionality on your site ensures a great support experience every time, setting a high standard in making customers happy.

Live chat helps you build strong bonds with customers.

Live chat is a powerful tool in keeping your customers coming back. It has been proven, too, with 51% of people saying they would stay loyal to a company if it offered live chat.

This kind of service creates a personal connection instantly, taking the business-client relationship to a new level, where customers feel valued. It encourages them to keep coming back, showing that live chat is vital to building trust and a strong bond with customers.

Live chat is the go-to solution for shoppers.

For shoppers specifically, live chat is the top choice, with 20% favoring it more than any other way to communicate with retailers. What wins them over is the speedy and efficient help they get while shopping, getting instant replies from your live chat agency in Naperville, Illinois.

Think of live chat functionality on your site as having a smart assistant helping your visitors as they shop, guiding them to make the best buying choices, and making the shopping process easy with real-time answers. It brings a comfortable and helpful shopping environment that people can rely on.

Live chat is globally loved.

Between 2015 and 2022, live chat has kept a steady high score of 83.5% in global approval. This shows how much people worldwide trust and love using live chat services.

This score proves that live chat has become a trusted friend for customers globally. It promises top-class service that meets the high standards of speed and satisfaction, evolving constantly to suit the changing needs of customers all over the world.

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