RLSA is a Google Ads feature that can be a powerful SEM tool for your Des Plaines business. It helps you target people who have visited your website before. With RLSA, you can show ads to only these visitors when they search on Google, which helps you turn them into customers. Below, this SEM agency in Des Plaines, Illinois is going to explain when and how to use RLSA effectively.

What is RLSA?

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a Google Ads feature that lets you customize your search ads for people who have visited your site before. When someone visits your website, a cookie tracks their visit. This cookie creates a list of these visitors. Later, when these visitors search on Google, you can show them targeted ads.

For example, if someone visits your website but does not buy anything, you can add them to an RLSA list. When this visitor searches for related products, your ads can appear to remind them about your website. This can bring them back to complete their purchase.

What are the benefits of using RLSA?

Did you know that 98% of all visitors don’t buy anything on their first visit to a brand website? RLSA helps you reach these visitors again. You can show these visitors targeted ads and turn them into customers.

RLSA also helps you spend your ad budget more wisely. By targeting people who are already interested in your website, you are more likely to get better results, such as more sales and better ROI.

RLSA lets you show personalized ads based on a visitor’s past behavior, which means your ads are more relevant to the visitors. This helps you build a better relationship with your visitors.

You can also use RLSA to promote related products. For example, if someone bought a phone from your website, you can show them ads for phone accessories.

When to use RLSA?

If a visitor adds items to their shopping cart but leaves without buying. Show ads to these visitors when they search for related products to remind them to complete their purchase.

If a visitor spends a lot of time on a specific page, like a product page, they are likely interested in that product. Use RLSA to show them ads related to that product when they search on Google.

During special promotions or holidays, use RLSA to target visitors who previously showed interest in your products. This can boost your sales during peak seasons.

When you launch a new product, use RLSA to target visitors who have shown interest in similar products. This is a good way to reach a ready audience for your new product.

Use RLSA to bid more aggressively for visitors who have landed on your site before. This increases your chances of winning the ad auction and showing your ad to these valuable visitors.

How to set up RLSA?

First, make a list of people who have visited your website. You can do this by adding a Google tag to your website. Next, use this list in a search network campaign by choosing an existing campaign or creating a new one.

In Google Ads, go to the “Audiences” section and add your remarketing list to the campaign or ad group. Choose how you want to target these audiences. Use the “Observation” setting to see how the audience performs without changing bids, or use “Targeting” to specifically target these users.

Save your settings and launch your campaign. Keep monitoring its performance to see how well it works.

Best strategies for RLSA

  • Write ad text that speaks directly to past visitors, like offering discounts to those who did not complete their purchase.
  • Exclude users who have already made a purchase to avoid wasting ad spend.
  • Adjust your bids based on how recently someone visited your site. Bid higher for recent visitors as they are more likely to convert.
  • Regularly test different strategies and refine your campaigns based on performance data.

Using RLSA can transform your online advertising. It helps you target people who have already shown interest in your website, increasing your chances of conversion. But if these steps and strategies seem tough to implement, you could always trust a professional SEM agency in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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