Social media is becoming a crucial element of online marketing due to its ability to reach millions of customers around the world for a very good price. Without social media outreach, your online marketing efforts will be constrained, and you will be missing out on a marketing opportunity that is very accessible and effective. Here is what makes this type of marketing so important:

  1. Increases the Strength of Your Brand

Getting started with social media marketing agency in Chicago is incredibly easy, and the initial results are almost instantaneous. All you have to do is create your profiles and start networking with other users. Without too much effort, you will be able to greatly increase the visibility of your brand. In fact, 91% of marketers that use social media report that they’re able to increase brand visibility and improve the general user experience of their products or services with only a few hours of activity each week. The benefits also extend the more you use social media, increasing brand loyalty and customer retention through promotional campaigns, and improving brand authority through content marketing.

  1. Allows You to Engage Directly with Customers

By implementing a social media marketing campaign, your brand will be able to engage customers directly. This has several benefits, including the ability to receive rapid, cost-effective feedback, either through polls or by asking users their opinion on a topic in one of your posts. Furthermore, studies have shown that companies engaged in social media marketing in Chicago have more loyal customers. According to a recent study, 53% of Americans who follow a brand on social media are more loyal to that brand.

  1. Cost-effective

You only need to be active about 6 hours every week in order to generate increased traffic for your website through social media. That is a very insignificant time investment when you consider the sheer size and reach of social media. With a consistent effort of one hour per day, you could craft the content and engagement you need to see results. If we take paid advertising into account, you still don’t have to worry about any large investments. Facebook and Twitter are both relatively cheap platforms to advertise on, and as you gain experience and raise your budget, your conversion rate should grow higher and higher.

  1. Drives Traffic to Your Website

Social media can be a great way to draw in traffic to your website. At this point, you may be drawing inbound traffic through SEO or word of mouth, but both options can be very slow, or very limited at first. Social media, on the other hand, can be a channel for rapid development. You are able to almost instantaneously reach other users, and with a strong strategy behind your efforts, you can provide enough value through your content to grow your brand tremendously. After all, people love quality content, and the more you put out there, the more inbound traffic and interest for your brand you will generate.

  1. Improves Your SEO

Not only will you increase traffic to your website through social media platforms, you will also increase your search engine rankings. Under the current guidelines, search engines such as Google and Bing consider social media presence as a significant ranking factor. If you think about it, it makes sense—just about all well-established brands have a strong social media presence. This means that if you have a strong presence on these platforms, you will start sending “brand signals” to search engines, establishing yourself as a trustworthy, credible, and legitimate business.

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