Social media networks are currently the 2nd most used platforms to find brand information, right behind search engines. Social media marketing relies on a funnel that is similar to that of traditional sales. First, a customer will search for a product or service. He or she will then come into contact with several brands—either through paid ads, or through organic SEO. Then, the client will research the brand, likely checking out Facebook for reviews and testimonials, and also Twitter and Instagram for any special offers and discounts from the company.

However, social media marketing can become quite the chore when it is done ineffectively. You will soon find out that you need a constant stream of content, customer interaction, and effort just to keep up with the competition. This can mean time and, of course, money. So, what is the solution? The solution is to become more efficient and effective in your campaigns, and in this article, we’re going to show you how to do just that.

1. Emphasize Quality

Content must flow if you want your social marketing efforts to be on par, but you stand to gain much more if you lower the output and increase the quality. The aim of any marketing effort is to draw people into the sales funnel—this is true whether you’re trying to make them aware of one of their needs that has to be fulfilled, or whether you’re presenting your product or service as a solution to their particular issue. If you post a ton of content onto the internet, you may have tremendous output that lights up on social media for a week or two; however, if there is no human response or connection to the content, then your efforts are in vain when it comes to actually converting customers.

2. Use Data to Its Full Potential

Different social media platforms respond to different elements of your marketing effort, and if you want to find out what works and what doesn’t, it’s wise to look at the data. Luckily all platforms offer data analysis tools in one form or another. These tools will help you figure out which subjects, type of posts, and post frequency net the best results. For example, on Twitter, you may find that by raising the number of posts that you put out each week, you raise the number of visits to your website. While this data may seem to conflict with the idea that quality is better than quantity, the fact of the matter is that you do not have to choose between the two. Having one or more copywriters/social media managers can help you maintain the quality of your posts while raising the output. If the traffic and conversions generated through an increase in output is large enough, it may be a sound financial decision to bring one or more freelancers on board to help with the extra work.

3. Become More Efficient with Social Media Tools

In order to achieve the maximum amount of high-quality posts, you should also consider using social media tools that allow you to schedule posts, or to automate certain repetitive tasks. These tools can be force multipliers, and with a one-time investment or a small monthly fee, they will be available to your team members for as long as they are needed.

Outsourcing Social Media Management in Milwaukee to a Milwaukee Social Media Management Agency

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