Speed is the key to quality customer support. Without it, customers will become more and more frustrated whenever an issue with your product or service comes up. Of course, factors such as convenience and knowledgeable customer support agents also come into play, but if a customer has to wait for a long time to reach your team, those two factors will have much less of an impact. So, how can you ensure that you provide the desired experience to your customers in Rockford? The answer is through automation — specifically, Rockford live chat customer support.

Automating with Rockford live chat support

Email is great, and call centers are even better, but they do not compare to the speed and convenience offered by a live chat system. When a customer has an issue, he or she doesn’t want to wait 24-48 hours for your support team to get in touch with them, or wait for 5, 10, or 15 minutes for a call center operator to pick up their call. They prefer to have their query answered as soon as possible. Most issues and customer questions are minor, and a call center operator can only take one call at a time, creating long waiting times on issues that could be solved in the span of a few minutes.

On top of that, live chat can implement automated answers to common customer queries, which shortens problem solving time further. For more complex queries, customers will appreciate the real-time feedback, convenience, and quick turnarounds. In addition, a live chat agent can talk to multiple customers at once, and most live chat systems will have the ability to gather data, which can then be analyzed and used to improve product and service quality.

Using live chat to automate your call center

Customers prefer direct contact with a representative of your company whenever they have a problem. This is why call centers are so effective. However, they do not come without their issues. Long waiting times and an overwhelmed work force can contribute to a less than ideal experience for the customer. Most of these issues can be traced back to a core problem — large call volume. How do you solve this?

With live chat, of course. By implementing live chat on your website, customers will still have that interaction with one of your representatives. However, in this situation, the representative can tackle multiple service requests at the same time with a much faster response rate. When you add live chat as an auxiliary to your call center, you greatly reduce wait times, freeing your call center team to deal with more serious issues. Some customers may have minor problems with your product or service, but they nonetheless occupy the time of a call center operator just the same. If these customers are first channeled to your live chat, the call center will be open for customers with bigger problems.

Take advantage of data analytics

As you serve more and more customers through these two channels, you start to amass a trove of data. This data can be quantified, categorized, and analyzed in order to gain insights into product and service improvements, the psychology of your target audience, effective marketing techniques, and sales funnel and customer support improvements. Then, as you act on this new information, the customer experience is greatly optimized, and the feedback cycle becomes shorter and shorter.

Are you interested in automating your customer support in Rockford with Live Chat?

Automation allows for lower operating costs and better results. When using live chat to automate your customer service efforts, you stand to improve your relationship with your customers while taking some of the burden off of your call center. If you are interested in implementing live chat in Rockford, contact us today.