Every section of your website has some sort of value. Integrating live chat solutions or widgets within your site may take some serious consideration, but it could be extremely valuable to your company’s bottom line. It is all about improving your visitors’ overall experience and getting the word out about your business beyond social media and SEO.

Many businesses forget that some of the more traditional methods still work today. For instance, word-of-mouth is still a powerful way of letting people know what you have to offer. Best of all, it’s free! However, many businesses are so caught up with SEO and social media marketing that they tend to forget about personalized and direct customer service.

Everything aside (even though you may be implementing live chat on your Milwaukee business’s websites), you should be aware of the fact that every industry has different needs. We are going to review those needs below.

Travel Industry

Most customers today prefer to make their travel arrangements online, thanks to the easy access and convenience. So, it’s important to make sure that your customers can contact you quickly and easily through your website. First, the live chat access button should be placed on the main page of your website. You have a choice of uploading your own custom-designed chat button or using a pre-made one. Second, your travel agency logo should be added to the pop-up messenger that appears on your customers’ screen. This gives your chat a touch of personalization and a look of professionalism. You can set up a group of messages that include links that could be pushed to your customers. Links to pages of city maps and tourist information about various destinations can also be created.

Automotive Industry

As the internet is maturing, customers are expecting shopping to be more convenient. The automotive industry is also included in this category. Many customers prefer to receive information regarding expensive items at their convenience so they can have time to debate over which option is best for them. If live chat is not used, most of your employees’ time will be spent on the phone. This will dampen your customer service capabilities, as customers will likely be put on hold while the call agents help one customer at a time. Time will be wasted, and employees will not be able to deal with multiple clients at once. With live chat software, clients can receive instant assistance and will not be put on hold for lengthy periods.


These days, educational institutes have essentially started functioning as businesses. In a sense, the students are their customers. For this very reason, it is very important to have live chat support on your website so that you can answer all their questions regarding the universities and institutions they are interested in. The live chat button should be placed on the pages that require students to fill out forms. Forms for financial aid and registration can be quite complex and require assistance, so placing a button on those screens will allow students to access instant help.

Implementing Live Chat for Your Website in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Live chat is an excellent means to improve customer service and sales through your website. So, if you want to get the most out of your online presence, incorporating live chat into your online business strategy is the way to go. If your business is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and if you are interested in having live chat capabilities on your website, please feel free to contact us today for a free quote.