Local listings are a type of service available to companies that are legally registered to conduct business. These listing service providers publish information on the business that includes the location, contact information, driving directions, hours of operation, and much more. Publishing at local listing directories is a smart marketing strategy because it allows companies to be found via search engines, 411 directories, and GPS search providers. It is an affordable option for expanding online visibility. Below, we are going to discuss the importance of listings management for businesses in the Milwaukee area.

Listings Management in Milwaukee: An Overview

There are hundreds of listing sites throughout the Milwaukee area, but it is best to spend time researching which ones are most popular. After submitting to major websites, focus on listing your business on as many other directories as possible. It can be beneficial to develop a listing plan, because new directories are constantly added. A few of the most frequently visited directories include Yellow Pages, Yelp, Yahoo Local Listings, Google Maps, and Foursquare. Publishing company information via directories can be a time-consuming task. Some business owners elect to hire a freelancer to publish listings. Most require a hand-submission of information, while some require companies to connect with local mapping services such as Google My Business.

It can also be helpful to establish a listing budget. While most directories do not charge a fee, there are a few that do. The majority of costs stem from the number of man-hours involved with submitting information.

Once entries are published, it is important to follow-up to ensure accuracy. If companies change business information, they will have to resubmit that information to the directories. These tasks can add up to hundreds of hours, so projecting labor costs ahead of time is crucial.

What Are the Benefits of Listings Management for Milwaukee Businesses?

Local listings offer many benefits. To fully capitalize, it’s important to careful consider the way in which the listing is written. Business listings can help send customers through your doors, so choosing the right wording can make all the difference. Many service providers limit the number of words that can be included in local listings. In addition to reaching your audience with limited verbiage, the message should be fully SEO optimized. Hiring an online media marketing consultant or ad agency to help develop local listings can be a huge advantage. In fact, many ad agencies include this strategy in marketing packages.

Another benefit of local listings is that many directories offer the feature of gathering customer testimonials. Positive feedback and business reviews can help companies become established as an industry expert. On the flip side, negative customer reviews can be harmful. Companies should include strategies within their marketing plan to address negative feedback. Some directories allow businesses to delete comments from their account, while others require owners to submit removal requests.

It is crucial to monitor your comments and reviews to maintain a solid reputation. If an unhappy customer posts a bad review, or if a disgruntled employee embarks on a smear campaign, it can take tremendous effort to recover. It is wise to develop a disaster plan ahead in the event that public relations take a negative turn. Not all local listing directories allow customer reviews, so if you are not comfortable with this option, there are plenty of directories that offer only business listings and maps.

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