If you are looking for an effective and efficient tool that can help you improve your sales numbers each month, then you should consider adding live chat functionality to your website. The conversion rates for websites that have a chat application versus those that do not are almost double!

However, to consistently see these sales increase, you’ll need to know how to make the most use out of your live chat software, which is where the following tips may come in handy:

Don’t String Customers Along

The ultimate goal of the live chat functionality on your website is to offer customers a quick and easy way to find answers to their questions. If you make them wait for the chat conversation to initiate either due to slow broadband or because you have walked away from the chat window, you are effectively turning your back on a customer asking for help.

If you must walk away, make sure to at least turn off the live chat software; otherwise, your customers are likely to get a poor impression of your website and simply browse elsewhere.

Offer a ‘Call Back’ Service

If you are planning on running your live chat application, it is only reasonable to expect that, at times, you will need to walk away from it. When you are offline, make sure that you use the many perks of live chat software, such as the ‘leave a message or call back’ feature.

Customers that see these will know that you are unable to answer their requests and that you will get back to them as promptly as possible. This allows you to interact with them and offer reassurance that you will answer their query ASAP — even if you are not physically able to do so at the moment.

Make Use of Pre and Post-Chat Surveys.

Many chat applications have an option to enable a survey that automatically pops up after every chat closes. If you want to make sure that you are getting the most information out of every contact with a customer, and that you are tailoring your chats to suit their needs, you should offer them the chance to fill out a survey.

Not only can you get information about the customer by using these surveys — such as their email to add to your contact lists — but you can find out about their experience when using your live chat application. This will help you identify problem areas so that you can fix them.

Compile Your Own List of FAQs

Live chat conversations tend to follow the Pareto Principle, which you may recognize as the rule of 80/20. This means that a good majority of the inquiries you receive through your live chat are all the same.

Build up a list of the FAQs you often receive over your live chat software and use them to create a library of applicable responses that you can quickly grab off a pre-stored list. It is much quicker to choose a response than it is to type the same response day after day. And, since your customers will likely never know, you will get credit for answering their questions within seconds.

Professional Live Chat Support for Your Website in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Setting up live chat support on your website is one of the best ways to make sure your website scores high on customer service, translating into higher sales for your business. Without live chat functionality, you may be turning your customers away from your website, or at least losing a customer over a trivial question.

If your business is located in Milwaukee, WI, and if you are interested in incorporating live chat functionality into your online business strategy, please feel free to contact us today to request a free quote.