If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to market your Milwaukee business and get the word out about who you are and what you do, you cannot go wrong with local listings. But simply being ‘listed’ is not always enough to have customers line up at your front door. To make the most out of your listings, you’ll want to ensure that your listings are filled with positive reviews.

Why are positive reviews important?

First, it’s important to understand that modern web users typically look at reviews when comparing different businesses. This helps them get a better idea of the service and quality of the product they can expect from a business.

If your listing does not have any good reviews (or no reviews at all), while your rival’s listing is filled with glowing reviews, you will likely be handing over a large chunk of your potential customers to your competitor.

Now the question is, how can you get positive reviews for your business?

Use Surveys

Using surveys can help you get a glimpse of your business’s performance and identify areas that can be improved upon. But did you know that they can also help you get positive reviews within your listings?

First, you should ask your customers to enter their email address in the survey form. You can then find the positive surveys and ask those customers to leave your business a positive review.

Freebies Don’t Always Work

Giving your customers an incentive to leave a review for your business may sound like a good idea in theory. However, it can often backfire.

When offered something for free in exchange for a review, your customers may think that you are asking them to give you good feedback when they may not have otherwise. The word can spread around more quickly than you can imagine, which could end up hurting your business’s reputation.

Utilizing an On-the-Spot Review Option Makes It Easier

When a customer visits your store, you can ask for their email address and send them a link where they can leave a review on your listing. But doing so means that you have to rely on the chance that they will go home, sit on their computer, and type out a review.

A more effective option is to have the review site up at the store at all times. This way, you can simply ask the customer to leave you a review at the checkout counter.

Watch Your Social Networks Closely

Staying on top of what people are saying on your social networks can help you increase reviews within your listing. We recommend following up on any positive comment with a ‘thank you’ and asking the user to share their opinions or experiences within your listing.

Respond to Existing Reviews

Don’t let your customer reviews within your listing get lost along the way. It’s important to respond to each one of them.

Got a positive review? A simple ‘thank you’ should suffice.

Got a bad review? You should try to help the customer by addressing their problem and apologizing if you were in the wrong.

When you take the time to respond to existing reviews, you come off as a business that cares about its customers. This only goes to increase your customer loyalty.

Ask for Reviews

Asking for a review will not make you look desperate or turn your customers off. It is simple, and it works. You can ask your customer to leave you a review right at the time of sale and make it easy by providing them with a link.

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