Setting up local listings is one of the best ways to get the word about your Orland Park business. After all, local listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) are what your potential customers are turning to in order to find information about your business. This means that it is more crucial than ever for you to stay on top of the three R’s of local search: where you RANK, how you RATE, and what is being said in those REVIEWS.

Let’s explore these in detail.


Your ranking is what will get your business found by your target audience in local search results.

If your business listing is ranked on the first page when a customer searches for your product or service in Orlando Park, they are very likely to find you before they find your competition. In other words, if you can secure a spot on the very first page of Google, you will have more customers line up at your front door.

Given how important ranking higher up in search results is for your local success, it’s important to make sure that you consistently monitor your rankings for every location and keyword your target customers may be using to search for your business.


It is just as important to stay on top of ratings on your local listings. When a potential customer searches for a specific type of product or service and stumbles upon your local listing, they will see how many stars are showing up next to your name before they choose you. After all, modern web users typically look at ratings when comparing different businesses.

This means that you should monitor the ratings for every one of your locations and work to improve those locations that are getting one, two, or even three-star reviews. Having a report that lists all of your locations together can be a good idea, as it allows you to compare and contrast. You can also sort the locations from high-to-low ratings or low-to-high for easier comparison.


In some cases, reviews on your local listings can be even more crucial for your local success than ratings.

If your listing does not have any positive reviews (or no reviews at all), then you will likely lose out on a large chunk of your potential customers to a competitor whose listing is filled with glowing reviews. Similarly, positive reviews can drive more customers directly to your Orland Park business, and your sales can increase very quickly as a result.

Your potential customers are most likely seeing and reading the reviews posted on your local listings. So, it’s important that you stay on top of all the reviews and respond in an appropriate manner. Responding to your reviews, good or bad, shows that you care about your customers. This only goes to increase your customer loyalty.


Local search has essentially become the “word of mouth” about your business for the entire world to see. That is why it is crucial to stay on top of the three R’s of local search (rankings, ratings and reviews). Take control of local search and let the power of Google work for you.

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