The ever-increasing prevalence of social media and ongoing advances in the virtual space have made consumers more demanding and less forgiving than before. Being chat-savvy, online consumers largely ignore websites with a static, unidimensional user interface. This is the catalyst that compels eCommerce retailers to make their websites more interactive and appealing. While a website with quality content and an intuitive design is likely to attract more visitors, you need to take a step forward in turning these visitors into actual buyers.

To complete the online buying process, the modern-day Internet user wants to interact with a real person… and that too, in a quick and convenient manner. This is why implementing a feature-rich live chat support feature on your eCommerce website can yield some promising results for your Chicago business.

In this blog, we are looking at how a live chat implementation can make your robotic eCommerce website in Chicago more interactive and attractive to site visitors.

Live chat makes your website ‘livelier.’

The presence of a chat button persuades your site visitors to have a text conversation with a polite and professional live chat agent. Usually, the live chat agent sends a proactive chat invitation to visitors. Being proactively approached, visitors feel as though someone is there to assist them. Following the same concept of psychological pressure that a real salesperson in a retail store can offer, your visitors are more likely to complete their order if they are guided towards it.

Real people provide real-time assistance.

While automated responses are often used to provide instant and accurate answers to frequently asked questions, live chat agents usually provide assistance in real-time via manual messages. As your site visitor accepts the chat, your live chat agent can have conversations with them to help them address their queries or clear up any concerns they may have about your product or service offering.

Real-time monitoring lets you catch your customers at the right time.

Using live chat on your eCommerce website, you can observe your visitors’ buying journey in the same way as in a brick-and-mortar store. In other words, real-time monitoring of live chat functionality enables the live chat agent to observe every visitor activity on your website, for example, what page they are on, how long have they been there, etc. This way, the agent can quickly figure out where a potential buyer is stuck and needs assistance. Live chat agents will then approach the visitor by sending them a chat message, asking if they need any assistance. By making their buying journey simpler and more efficient, you are more likely to turn your visitors into paying customers.

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient way to improve your eCommerce website’s monthly sales numbers? Consider adding live chat support to your website. Having live chat support on your website makes your site visitors much more likely to buy from you and much less likely to leave their full shopping bags behind.

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