Have you considered partnering with a live chat agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and adding live chat functionality into your company’s website? If not, you are losing out on one of the most effective and efficient ways to improve your website’s user experience (UX). In many cases, business owners do not put the money into live chat because they see it as an add-on rather than a primary service. With that being said, offering operator assistance to a visitor significantly increases the odds of that visitor converting into a customer — which is why live chat implementation is so critical in 2021!

Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss the importance of live chat today. We are here to talk about the ethics and etiquette of live chat operators.

Live Chat Operator Ethics and Etiquette

Live chat operators are usually the ones who are in charge of executing live chat services. They work in teams, often collaborating with multiple layers of functional staff, supervisors, managers, and executives. Generally speaking, a single conversation is handled by many distinct chat operators, but the end-user rarely learns the internal mechanism of how the operators actually handle the chat.

Among a long list of criteria and standards for live chat operators, one clear and basic criterion is their ethics and/or etiquette. This means that all operators should be ethical, courteous, and presentable when offering live chat services to clients. There can be several checks for an ethical live chat operator, but some of the most common and important ones are listed below:

  • The live chat operator should have a friendly and welcoming personality. They must establish themselves in the minds of customers as a warm and friendly person who can greet the customer well and listen to and entertain their questions and concerns.
  • When interacting with a client, the live chat operator should uphold a certain degree of decorum. When we say that, we mean that there should be a code of ethics or “Netiquette” that the operator should practice.
  • The live chat operator should not be someone who can aggravate others or have a short temper. An ideal live chat operator has a non-conflicting personality and control over one’s temper and emotions. Should a client seem lost, the chat operator should be there to calmly offer solutions. Similarly, if a client is disappointed, the operator should try to understand their side of the story and work with them to create a win-win situation all the time.
  • The live chat operator should understand how to use grammatically correct and accurate English vocabulary. Using ambiguous terminology and slang is never appropriate in a live chat conversation. Since live chat is supposed to be very formal and grammatically correct, a good operator should understandably use technically correct English language vocabulary that is modern and simple to understand.
  • The live chat operator should be courteous and intelligent. A good chat operator is expected to be courteous and intelligent to gauge the situation and reply with appropriate conversations with clients. When working and talking in a real-time environment, the operator should be courteous and alert to make quick, practical, and business-oriented decisions.

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