As a seasoned SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois, we understand that the data and advanced metrics within Google Analytics can be overwhelming. People often log into Google Analytics, look around, check their website traffic, then log out. In many cases, they are only concerned with the number of people who visit their website, rather than the actionable insights they have access to.

This is not always the best approach. Assuming you already have Google Analytics set up for your website, here are some useful Analytics insights that you can focus on to improve your business’s online presence.

Do you fare well among your competitors?

By using the Benchmarking screen within Google Analytics, you can easily compare your website to others. You can also use this feature to compare statistics such as average session duration, which will give you a good indication of how engaged visitors are in your competitor’s and, of course, your own website.

Benchmarking can help you determine where you currently stand in the crowded Chicago market, and how you can improve. To access the Benchmarking reports, sign into your Analytics account, navigate to the Reports tab, and click Benchmarking under Audience.

How compatible is your website?

Google Analytics allows you to track the various devices people use to browse your website, and it assists you in identifying and optimizing the areas that bring the most traffic. You can access this data under the Audience tab by clicking on Mobile, and then Overview.

By choosing Browser as your “secondary dimension,” you can also go a step farther to see the browsers that people use — Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

If your website is not compatible with the devices and browsers that drive traffic, your Chicago business might be losing money hand over fist. You’ll want to optimize your website as soon as possible by partnering with a top-rated SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois.

What kind of website visitors do you have?

Your website has two types of visitors: returning visitors, and first-time visitors. Finding this data is very simple: navigate to the Audience tab, click Behavior and then click on New and Returning Users.

You can use referrer information and cookies to present your returning customers with customized options to retain them.

Focus on the content people care about.

Understanding the handy feature of “page views” is the key to identifying the pages on your website that get the most views. You may want to focus more of your efforts on these pages, as these are the ones that are drawing in the most customers.

Because these are the pages that your visitors are most interested in, you’ll want to ensure that the content on these pages is accurate, engaging, and a source of valuable information.

To access page views, navigate to the Audience tab and click Overview.

Keep in mind that most small and medium-sized businesses in Chicago, Illinois experience random changes in traffic from time to time, which does not require much attention. If you would like to implement Google Analytics for your business’s website, a reputable SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois can help you get everything set up.

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