Canned messages — which are predetermined answers to common questions — can be extremely helpful for a business’s website. They add value to your customer support and allow you to handle your customers more efficiently. Below, this listings management agency in Brookfield, Wisconsin is going to discuss some reasons why you should use canned responses with your live chat integration.

1. They allow you to respond swiftly and increase your conversion rate.

Canned responses allow your live chat support agent to respond very quickly. If your Brookfield live chat support agency does not respond to customers right away, this can leave room for more questions and ultimately impact a potential customer’s experience on your website. If you satisfy potential buyers with a prompt response, your business will be much more likely to earn their trust.

2. They save both the customer’s and the agent’s time.

Time is the most valuable currency for a customer. Unfortunately, it may take your Brookfield live chat support agency some time to respond to every query individually. Canned responses offer a possible solution to significantly reduce response time.

Let’s look at the following example:

“Thank you for choosing our services! You will soon receive a copy of your completed service agreement. We are looking forward to working with you.”

This is a canned message from a local business in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This message would likely take a live chat support agency in Brookfield at least 45 seconds to type and proofread. However, if you have it in your canned list, the same message will take no more than 5 seconds to send.

3. They help you avoid typos.

Imagine responding to a customer query with a message riddled with typos. That doesn’t exactly make for a strong impression. According to Ruby Newell-Legner’s” Understanding Customers” report, 12 positive customer interactions are required to compensate for one bad encounter. Canned responses are the best way to ensure that your responses are free of spelling errors.

Now that we’ve discussed why it’s important to incorporate canned messages into your Brookfield website’s live chat functionality, the question is: how can you use canned messages effectively? Here are three tips to help:

  • Give your responses a personal touch. Customers like it when the service or support they receive is personalized and does not seem mechanical. According to a Software Advice survey, 65% of customers want a support agent to have a “casual” tone in their interactions. In other words, your customers shouldn’t get the impression that they are interacting with a robot or AI.
  • Keep it short and to the point. Don’t say something in 200 words that could be said in 50. Most customers do not want to converse with your live chat support agents — they just want their questions answered in the simplest way possible.
  • Continue to update and refresh the responses. Canned messages should not be set once and then forgotten. Remember that the goal is to make them seem more human and less robot.

As you can see, creating canned responses to FAQs significantly reduces the time it takes your Brookfield live chat agency to respond, which creates happier customers — and happy customers lead to better business.

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