Did you know that, in 2018, there were about 14,000 advertising agencies in the US alone? That is a lot of agencies vying for a piece of the pie. One of the main reasons why there are so many marketing agencies today is because launching a digital agency is not as costly as many other types of businesses. In fact, because the barrier to entry and startup expenses are low, it is one of the easiest businesses to establish and earn revenue from. These factors combine to create a melting pot of increased competition and an escalating challenge to stand out among the noise. Being a Google Certified Partner and proudly displaying the partner badge on their website is one way for an SEM agency in Schaumburg, Illinois, to stand out from the rest and prove their worth — just like we do.

What is a Google Certified Partner?

The Google Partner program was developed to enable advertising agencies, consultants, and other marketing specialists to demonstrate their knowledge of Google Ads management. If the Schaumburg SEM agency you are considering hiring is Google certified as a partner, it indicates that their team has passed a series of Google Ads competency assessments to obtain the necessary certifications. The agency earns a badge as a Google Certified Partner, which they can display on their website. This badge is given out based on their staff’s certification, proven customer results, and a predefined ad spend threshold.

Why is it important that the SEM agency you hire is a Google Certified Partner?

There are several reasons why the SEM agency you work with should be a Google Certified Partner.

For one, it works as social proof. The core component that determines a Schaumburg SEM agency’s credibility is the ‘proof’ they provide for the results they have achieved for their clients. How will you believe what they say about their agency is credible unless they provide third-party proof from a reputable institution like Google? The Google Partner program offers the agency the opportunity to highlight its competence in Google Ads.

It also guarantees that the SEM team is fully trained. Employees of a Schaumburg SEM agency can use the Google Partner program to gain access to exclusive training and online certifications that will help them improve their technical skills. Additional training for them will make it more likely that they can give you the results you desire since they have a greater understanding of paid search campaign optimization.

Last but not least, Google Partner agencies have first access to new features. Being a Google Certified Partner provides a Schaumburg SEM agency with early access to new products and beta functionalities. This can give the agency a competitive edge over non-partner agencies, allowing them to adopt new features and updates months before they are officially rolled out.

Looking for a Professional SEM Agency in Schaumburg, Illinois?

In the world of digital marketing, becoming a Google Certified Partner can help a Schaumburg SEM agency stand out amongst the rest. That tiny but powerful badge — which can be seen on every page of their website — can provide much-needed social proof and credibility for their agency. It will also ensure that the agency you hire is excellent at what it does.

If you want to work with a Google Partner SEM agency, Digital Destination has you covered. As the top-rated SEM agency in Schaumburg, Illinois, our experts can help you design successful paid search campaigns that will generate qualified leads and conversions for your local business. Contact us today at (312) 933-6806 to get started.