What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “audit”? Do you picture an official-looking person going through every nook and cranny, every document in your office? Although audits can be a rather formal process, they are also a valuable tool for examining any areas for improvement inside your Elgin business — so why would you not audit your Google Ads?

There are several advantages that come from auditing your Google ads. This SEM agency in Elgin, Illinois is going to explain some of the main things you should know below.

What exactly is a Google Ads audit?

A Google Ads audit is the process of determining the effectiveness of your accounts. When it comes to Google Ads auditing, you can either do it manually or use automated tools/software.

Although an automated audit can sound tempting and time-saving, they are often too generic. In other words, they lack the context of your broader company goals. What matters is that you set aside time — or hire a professional SEM agency in Elgin, Illinois — to manage your Google Ads and subsequent audits. You will also need to prepare for the audit, such as what will be reviewed and how important it is.

The importance of Google Ads audits

It is essential to audit Google Ads because no matter how well-designed your Ads are, their relevance could fade with time, indicating that new developments will demand further optimization.

It also comes down to the age-old topic of money — without auditing your Ads, you may end up blowing your marketing budget on content that is not relevant to your target audience. This could result in a drop in revenue from these channels.

Changes come with time — and keywords are no exception. While it is important for SEM agencies in Elgin, Illinois to research the right keywords, keeping them up to date is just as important. By staying current with trends, you make your Elgin business visible to more people. And the more the number of people who can see you, the more likely your revenue will grow.

By bringing your Google Ads up to date, you can better understand your audience, know what content works for them, and what must be improved or removed to avoid wasted ad spending. Timing is everything when it comes to Google Ads — as is the ability to establish a more personal marketing approach in which you can step inside your buyers’ shoes.

How to conduct a Google Ads audit?

Now that we have covered the fundamentals and the importance, we believe you are ready to move on to the how’s.

  1. The first step is to define the benchmarks against which you will measure your Google Ads performance. You will be up the creek without a paddle very soon if you do not have a clear picture of what success looks like to you.
  2. The next step is to review the account structure to optimize time and budget spending. As any knowledgeable SEM agency in Elgin, Illinois knows, having the proper Google Ads hierarchy can reduce time spent managing campaigns and produce more insightful data for decision-making.
  3. Audit your keywords.
  4. Audit your landing pages.
  5. Run A/B testing on your ads.

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