If you are reading this blog, you are probably already aware that live chat is the most popular digital customer support channel out there. It is only getting more popular, and the reasons behind this rise in popularity are easy to see.

The three most important things an online user wants when looking for an answer to their query are speed, ease, and accuracy (plus a touch of personalization). Because agents and visitors can communicate with one another in real-time through desktops or smartphones, live chat offers all of this and much more.

But did you know that you can use live chat for more than just text-based communication?

Most people think that live chat is a form of instant messaging where agents and site visitors can send messages to one another in real-time. This is true — and it is at the core of the reasons why live chat has become so popular.  However, a good live chat solution that is implemented by a live chat agency in Glenview, Illinois is not limited to just messaging. After all, to provide excellent customer service, you must:

  • Provide the visitor with a choice; and
  • Resolve questions in the most helpful and accurate manner possible.

Limiting a visitor’s ability to communicate through live chat to only messaging makes no sense. Live agents should be able to address their inquiries using a variety of methods to provide the best possible customer support, which include the following:

  • Audio/video chat
  • Co-browsing
  • File sharing

This not only provides the visitor with the option to interact with the agent in the manner of their choosing, but it also assists the agent in resolving the query most efficiently and appropriately possible.

Below, this live chat agency in Glenview, Illinois is going to look at each of these additional live chat communication types and discuss how they could improve your Glenview business’s customer experience (CX).

Audio/video chat

Online customers place high importance on the personal touch in an age marked by rising automation.

When it comes to saving time on the phone, scripts and canned messages can be helpful, but they can also hinder the development of more personal relationships with your potential customers. By seeing or hearing one another through audio or video chat, the conversation becomes more authentic, resulting in increased trust in the agent.

Plus, your site visitors will appreciate the dedicated one-on-one assistance that audio and video chat provide.

As any knowledgeable live chat agency in Glenview, Illinois knows, there are some conversations that are simply better suited to verbal communication than typing — and this can be for any number of reasons.


No matter how technologically proficient you are, there may be times when you need someone else to show you how to get something done. This is where co-browsing comes in handy.

Co-browsing allows the agent to either view or control the visitor’s screen. When it comes to sales and technical support, this can be quite beneficial — many live chat agencies in Glenview, Illinois use it when dealing with more complex website-related issues or leading users through troubleshooting processes. It expedites the process, shortening the time it takes to resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction.

File sharing

It is common for files or images to be shared between visitors and agents to resolve queries. You can add a file to an email — but what about file sharing within a live chat window?

Agents can simply share files with visitors to help them resolve an issue and increase the efficiency of their conversation. Agents can send a wide variety of files to deliver additional information to the visitors, including screenshots, presentations, guides, and catalogs — all without forcing them to switch to an email channel.

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