Live chat is not a new concept in the world of customer support. According to a 2009 study published by eMarketer, live chat has contributed to 36% of online transactions — and 62% of those who chatted stated they were more inclined to buy from the site again. Many case studies also demonstrate that live chat can help eCommerce retailers minimize first response time, improve customer experience, generate leads, and boost sales revenue.

In other words, if you are not already using live chat, it’s something you might want to take advantage of.

But how can you know whether live chat can positively impact your revenue?  How do you set up a live chat for your Evanston business? How do you make it work? This live chat agency in Evanston, Illinois going to answer these questions below.

What is live chat?

Live chat is a web-based communication channel that allows you to communicate with site visitors in real-time.

If you have ever visited an online retailer’s website, you may already be familiar with the live chat widget at the bottom-left corner of the site. When you click on the widget, a chat window displays, greeting you and asking if you need any help.

Your site visitors can engage in back-and-forth dialogues with you via live chat. They can even tell whether you have received or read their queries. With email support, this is not possible.

Note: Live chat is not the same as a chatbot in terms of functionality. The difference between a live chat and a chatbot is that a live chat allows your visitors to communicate with a human agent (you) in real-time on your website, while a chatbot simulates human interaction. You can program the chatbot to respond to specific inquiries from visitors interacting with it through a chat window. In other words, when someone types a question into the chatbox, a bot (not a real person) responds to the query.

Why does live chat help increase revenue?

Using live chat is a great way to increase sales. If done right by a professional live chat agency in Evanston, Illinois, it can even increase your conversion rate by up to 45%.

Here’s how live chat can help you achieve higher conversions:

  • It helps build trust with first-time visitors.
  • It makes it easier for you to provide timely assistance.
  • It contributes to providing a positive customer experience.
  • It helps motivate purchase decisions.
  • It helps generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Five best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of live chat to increase revenue

Live chat is an excellent tool for facilitating communication. Nonetheless, it involves far more than simply responding to customers’ inquiries all day long — with the right strategy, a live chat agency in Evanston, Illinois can transform it into a finely calibrated revenue-generating machine that maximizes profits.

Some strategies for improving conversion rates with live chat include:

  • Make yourself available to your customers whenever they need it.
  • Gain valuable customer insight.
  • Display time greetings based on the behavior of your customers.
  • Get rid of any objections on the checkout pages.
  • Continue your conversations even after the live chat session ends.

Live chat is a highly effective lead generation and qualification tool, and you don’t not waste your opportunity to follow up with visitors after a live chat session has expired. The business relationship between you and your customer has just begun.

A professional live chat agency in Evanston, Illinois will advise you to keep the follow points in mind while doing a follow-up:

  • Informing potential customers about your identity and the purpose of your contact.
  • You should refer to your previous chat. This will help your customers quickly recognize you and help to build trust with them.
  • Let them know that you will keep them updated on any new special deals, and if they have any additional questions, they can contact you via email, phone, or any other mode of communication.

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