In the world of marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical. When you optimize the website of your Evanston business — including blog pages — you are essentially increasing the visibility of your content to your target audience. But is your content strategy aligned with the SEO approach?

If not, you won’t be getting the most out of your efforts, and you most likely won’t see the results you had hoped for. Whether you are new to blogging or have been writing blogs for many years, having the right keywords is essential to your overall success.

Choosing a hot topic will not only improve your odds of having your blog post become popular, but it will also help you attract more visitors to your Evanston business during the common months and years. For example, how-to blogs are often great content that can help you achieve more success with your content marketing strategy.

To help improve your efforts, this SEO agency in Evanston, Illinois is going to provide some tips below that will help you choose the right keywords.

Choose the right keywords.

It’s important to determine which keywords should be the primary emphasis of your blog post. The best keywords for your blog strategy is dependent on your overall marketing goals. Choose the more suitable option for your target audience because it will almost always outperform the other options in the coming months and years.

The keywords that receive the most traffic are those people are actively looking for. If you can provide them with an exact solution to their search query, it will allow you to get ranked higher on SERPs.

Now that we have discussed the importance of keyword research, it is time to consider how you can search for the keywords that will be relevant to your blog.

SEO tools are one of the most effective methods of determining the most appropriate keywords for blogs. The most commonly used keyword research tools are Moz Keyword Explorer, Semrush, Google Search Console, Keywords Explorer, and Google Trends.

A professional SEO agency in Evanston, Illinois will recommend looking for keywords with a high search volume that are not too difficult to rank for. Furthermore, if possible, pick long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords because they are more likely to show in the top results.

Add keywords in subheadings.

Once you have chosen your keywords and used them effectively in the titles, it is time to sprinkle the keyword throughout the rest of the blog post. We recommend using different versions of keywords in the subtitles of your blog posts if you want your blog to outperform the competition.

Always use keywords relevant to your target audience. Breaking up the heading per SEO guidelines will increase the number of searches and improve content readability. When finding keywords for subheadings, you can use the same approach you used to find the keyword for your blog post. You can also reach out to a reputable SEO agency in Evanston, Illinois to determine what keywords should be used and how to incorporate them into your blog post.

Optimize all images and keywords.

Images posted to your blog page also play an essential role in improving the search engine visibility of your blog post. According to the research, poorly optimized photos for search account for 78% of all SEO issues.

Anytime you incorporate photographs in your blog posts, try to give them a descriptive name to rank higher on SERPs. Also, make sure that the alt text of photos is correctly entered.

For those of you who already have blog posts with pictures on your website, we recommend renaming them and giving your blog post a fresh look from an SEO standpoint.

Link text.

Links can make or break a blog post. Internal links and external links are the two main types of links. Internal links are links to blogs that have been published on your website. On the other hand, external links are links to blog posts that have been published on other websites.

We know that link insertion is critical, but do not rush through the process of adding a link to your blog post. It’s always best to include links with reasonable searches and results.

When optimizing blogs from an SEO standpoint, anchor text and keyword placement are essential.

Choose links that include relevant keywords and provide additional value to the content. However, one thing that an SEO agency in Evanston, Illinois will tell you to keep in mind when adding anchor text is that you do not want to repeat the same keyword too many times — doing so could result in a penalty.

Final thoughts

To say that keywords are the cornerstone of your blog posts would not be incorrect. If your keywords are strategically placed throughout your blogs, you will not have to worry about them being ranked on SERPs. The points listed above will surely help you develop an SEO-friendly blog post if you are writing a blog post.

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