PPC (short for pay per click) ads can be an excellent way to reach customers and drive sales if they are well planned and managed properly. It is crucial to understand your target market, offer, budget, and how to track the success of your ads, or you could find yourself spending money on ads that simply are not working.

Below, this is SEM agency in Orland Park, Illinois going to provide some tips on how to reduce wasted PPC ad spend.

Use Keyword Bid Strategies

Bidding strategies are one of the best ways to reduce wasted PPC ad spend. What you bid on is just as important as how much you bid, so setting up a strategy that matches your objectives is essential.

The most common bidding strategy used by small businesses is setting a manual maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid for every keyword. One thing worth remembering about this type of bidding strategy is that it will also waste money if there are no potential customers searching for those keywords when you set your bids. Instead, your SEM agency in Orland Park, Illinois might recommend using negative keywords, which allow you to exclude certain phrases from an ad group’s overall campaign’s bidding when it does not produce any clicks anyway.

Use Quality Score Management

For account managers or website designers, Quality Score management is one of the most critical factors when bidding on ads. You want your site’s quality score to be as high as possible for a few reasons. These include:

  • The lower your quality score, the more expensive the ads will be.
  • You can optimize bids with precise accuracy that focuses solely on what matters in relation to your search term.
  • Google weighs various signals in its formula for scoring, including click-through rate (CTR), keyword relevance, and ad text relevance. Higher CTR is essentially a better conversion rate, which means more traffic arrives at your site from landing on an ad from Google than other sites with poor quality scores.

Avoid Over-Advertising

When it comes to potential business marketing and advertising, many businesses make the mistake of spending way too much on online advertisements.

Online ads are something that really needs to be monitored closely for your best interests. Business owners will want to avoid wasting resources on over-advertising, because this will only bring about an increase in operating costs.

Instead, it’s better to establish a budget of how much you would like to spend a month on your advertisement, then invest in the services of a reputable SEM agency in Orland Park, Illinois that can monitor these ad campaigns for you while also providing reports as they happen so that you know exactly where your budget is going.

Test Ads with Different Landing Pages

Your SEM agency in Orland Park, Illinois will also recommend testing ads with different landing pages to find which ads perform best for your business. Campaigns containing ads with a landing page unrelated to the advertised product will decrease ad performance — but this may be an acceptable trade-off if you want to understand your target audience better.

Another way of reducing wasted PPC ad spend is by A/B testing different ads on the same landing page. This will help you determine which content resonates best with your target audience.

Final Thoughts

PPC advertising can be the most effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal — but it is also one of the most expensive. If you are spending thousands of dollars each month on Google Ads or Facebook ads, and you are not getting the return on investment you want, consider these strategies to reduce PPC ad spend and save some cash in the process.

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