Today’s customer support is no longer limited to phone calls and emails. With instant messaging the new norm, online businesses are now adopting chat support for real-time customer support.

When it comes to implementing chat support on a website, there are two main options: live chat and chatbots. Are you wondering which one is right for your Merrillville business? To help you make an informed decision, this live chat agency in Merrillville, Indiana is going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.

The basics

Live chat means real people interact with your customers in real-time. These trained agents are skilled at picking up emotions and the unspoken needs behind a conversation. They can tell if a customer is happy, confused or frustrated, and can adjust their responses to best serve the customer’s needs.

On the other hand, chatbots are computer programs only made to chat like humans. Some chatbots use basic scripts and respond only to specific prompts. But some live chat agencies in Merrillville, Indiana also use smarter, AI-powered chatbots that can learn and adapt from ongoing customer interactions.

What are the key differences between live chat and chatbots?

The human connection

Live chat gives customers a 100% authentic human experience. The person on the other side can relate to the customer, understand their emotions, and adapt the conversation tone accordingly. This human touch makes customers feel important and valued.

On the other hand, chatbots work on logic and programmed algorithms. They are good at quickly answering common questions. But chatbots might not get it right when things get complicated or very emotional.

Response flexibility

Live chat agents can easily follow where a conversation is going, even if it takes an unexpected twist. They can think quickly to give the correct answer, no matter the question.

In contrast, chatbots have a more rigid structure and work best when interactions stick to their scripted flow. If a question is out of their scope, they might give an answer that does not fit or ask the user to rephrase.

Personal touch and upselling potential

Live chat agents can remember past chats or pull up a customer’s purchase history. This means they can recommend other products or services the customer might like or need, converting a simple query into a potential upselling or cross-selling opportunity.

Chatbots, being automated, generally use the current chat context when interacting with a customer. They might not always tap into past data, potentially missing out on upselling opportunities.

Crisis handling

Live chat agents can calm things down when a customer is upset or disgruntled. They are trained to deal with tough situations and offer solutions that can turn bad experiences into good ones.

Chatbots might make these situations worse because they lack emotional understanding and might misread them. This can leave customers feeling even more frustrated.

Cost and benefits 

Live chat involves costs — whether you are training an in-house team or hiring a professional live chat agency in Merrillville, Indiana. But happy customers, loyalty, and more sales can end up making this investment well worth it.

With typically low setup and maintenance fees, chatbots might initially seem budget friendly. But if they miss out on making strong customer connections, or if customers leave the chat unsatisfied, there might be costs you did not plan for.

Looking for a Live Chat Agency in Merrillville, Indiana?

Chatbots do offer efficiency in some situations. But if you want strong, lasting customer relationships and growth, live chat is the way to go. Investing in live chat shows customers they are your number one priority.

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