If you own a business in Chicago and are trying to get noticed online, understanding the many concepts of SEO is crucial. One such concept is ‘keyword cannibalization.’ Are you wondering what exactly this is, and why avoiding it is essential to any successful SEO strategy? This SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois is going to explain below.

What is keyword cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization is when multiple pages on your website compete for the same or similar keywords. This internal competition is bad for your site’s overall SEO performance.

For one, it confuses search engines as they struggle to pick the most relevant page for a specific query. As a result, instead of one strong page ranking at the top of search results, you end up with many pages not doing so well.

Keyword cannibalization can also be a problem for your visitors. They might find similar pages on your site, which can be confusing and frustrating. This can make your visitors less likely to stay on your site and do what you want them to, like buy something or sign up. So, dealing with keyword cannibalization is crucial to keep your SEO strong.

How to identify keyword cannibalization? 

First, you’ll need to figure out if keyword cannibalization is actually happening on your site. A professional SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois will perform an in-depth website audit, looking for signs like fluctuations in page rankings for similar keywords, a decline in page authority, or a noticeable drop in conversion rates. These are signs that your pages might be fighting each other instead of working together to improve your site’s visibility.

Google Analytics is a great tool for this. It shows you what search terms are bringing people to your pages. If several pages appear for the same search terms, that’s a red flag.

You should also check if your pages are too similar in content or serve the same user intent. If they are, that’s another sign that you might have a keyword cannibalization problem.

Strategies to avoid keyword cannibalization

Keyword mapping

It’s best to plan your keywords for each page. Make sure each page targets a unique set of keywords. This keeps things organized and stops pages from competing.

Combine similar content

If you have multiple pages that are too similar, an SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois may recommend merging them into one. This often makes your site more user-friendly and helpful.

Use canonical tags

If merging pages is not possible, you can use canonical tags. These tags tell search engines which page should be the main one for certain keywords.

Use internal linking wisely

Internal links are great for SEO, but only if you use them wisely. Make sure they point users and search engines to your main page for each topic. This helps search engines know which page is most important.

Regular content audits

Regular content audits can help you stay on top of content marketing trends and ensure your site stays relevant.

Focus on user intent

Understand what your audience wants and create pages to meet their needs or answer their questions. This keeps your pages unique and valuable.

Work with an SEO agency for the best results

Working with a professional SEO agency in Chicago, Illinois, like Digital Destination LLC, is one of the best ways to prevent keyword cannibalization on your site. An experienced agency can thoroughly review your website, identify problems, and offer tailored advice. They have the know-how and tools to ensure your site is search-engine friendly and offers the best possible user experience.

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