As a business owner, it’s important to be intentional about your online presence — after all, it can have a direct influence on the number of customers that walk into your Brookfield business. But what if the internet gives them the wrong location or business hours? If that happens, potential customers might decide not to visit your business at all. In fact, survey data by Placeable found that 73% of people trust a business less when its online information is wrong.

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of maintaining accurate information about your business online? This listings management agency in Brookfield, Illinois is going to explain below.

Your business hours should be accurate.

When people search for businesses online, they first want to know when the business is open. A study by local data aggregator Localeze found that 76% of people expect to see business hours online, and 61% say that knowing when a business is open helps them decide if they should visit it.

Here’s an example: say someone wants to visit your Brookfield business, but when they arrive at the location, they find it closed because your hours were not listed correctly online. If that happens, they will probably visit another business and spend their money there.

Your business address is critically important.

You may assume that most online users look up what your Brookfield business sells or does. But many of them simply want to know where your business is located. If you have an incorrect address on websites like Google or Bing, your potential customers will not know how to get to you. A listings management agency in Brookfield, Illinois can help you correct any address discrepancies so that your customers can easily find your location.

Mobile searches are on the rise.

More and more online consumers use their smartphones to find the necessary information about a business. If they get the information they want, they usually buy something. In fact, a study by Localeze found that over 75% of mobile searches result in a purchase. If the information about your Brookfield business is incorrect or missing, you could lose these customers.

Is your website making the right first impression?

Your website and online listings are usually the first things people see when they search about your Brookfield business. Most computer searches could turn into buying if the business listings are accurate and consistent across the internet. A well-maintained website that is linked to accurate listings can make people trust your business more.

Optimize your listings for all devices.

Many people use different devices like phones, computers, and tablets to search for information online. It is important that your online business information is accurate and can be accessed easily across all these devices. Your listings management agency in Brookfield, Illinois can help make sure your business information on the internet (including your website) works well on mobile phones and other devices.

People trust local search results.

Online consumers trust local search results. Instead of ordering things online and waiting for them to arrive, many prefer finding businesses that are close to where they live. This way, they can get what they need quickly.

If your Brookfield business appears correctly in these search results, those who find it might visit. When they do and have a good experience, they might return. This means they start to trust your business more and might choose it over others in the future.

Looking for a Listing Management Agency in Brookfield, Illinois?

Making sure your business information is accurate across the internet can bring more people to your business and make them trust you more. Do you need help managing your business’s local listings? If so, and if you’re looking to partner with the best listings management agency in Brookfield, Illinois, look no further than the team at Digital Destination LLC. Contact us today at (312) 933-6806 to discuss your options.