People’s preferred ways of finding local businesses is constantly changing. With the right local SEO strategies, you can help your Brookfield business show up where your potential customers are looking. Whether they search on Google, use voice search, or browse on their phones, being easy to find in local searches can help you reach more customers.

Below, this SEO agency in Brookfield, Illinois is going to provide some simple yet effective tips that will help your business stand out in local searches.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Claiming and updating your Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the best ways to improve your local SEO. You’ll want to make sure all information about your Brookfield business is accurate and complete on this profile — your hours, website, phone number, and location. If you have multiple addresses or locations for your business, make sure each location’s information is up to date. Posting regularly and responding to customer reviews as quickly as possible can also help you maximize visibility in local searches.

Optimize for voice search

More and more people are using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri to find information these days. In fact, the number of voice assistant users reached 125.2 million in 2023. Considering how big voice search has become, your content should sound natural and use longer (long-tail) keywords, because that’s how people typically speak. Your SEO agency in Brookfield, Illinois can help you match your content with how people talk can help your business appear in voice searches.

Mobile optimization is a must

Did you know that 60% of all local searches in the US are done on mobile devices? This means that your website needs to work well on both smartphones and tablets. It should load within two seconds, be easy to navigate, and look just as good on small screens as it does on big screens. By optimizing your website for mobile devices, you can improve your local search ranking.

Research local keywords

Local keyword research helps you find out what words or phrases people in a specific geographic location use when they search for services or products like yours. Use these keywords on your website and your business listings to appear in local search results.

Create content for your local area

Creating content that is relevant to your local area or specific to your community can attract more customers. You may want to talk about local events or news in your content, and then use local keywords to help your content be found in local searches. This strategy can help make your business more visible online.

Pay attention to your online reviews

Online reviews can affect people’s decisions to choose your business. As such, it’s important to encourage happy customers to leave good reviews. Your SEO agency in Brookfield, Illinois will also recommend responding to all reviews, good or bad, in a helpful and professional way. This shows that you value customer feedback and can improve your local search rankings.

Use social media

Social media does not directly affect your Google rankings. However, being active on social media can increase your online visibility in your niche. It’s good to share content related to local events or special offers. Engage with your audience. This can indirectly help your local SEO by bringing more visitors to your website and getting more backlinks.

Looking for an SEO Agency in Brookfield, Illinois?

Keeping up with local SEO is vital for businesses. Following these best practices can make your business more visible in local searches and connect with more customers. Are you ready to partner with a professional SEO agency in Brookfield, Illinois that can help you improve your efforts and drive more traffic to your website? If so, Digital Destination LLC is the top choice. Contact us today at (312) 933-6806 to get started.